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Tobias Relenberg - In Front Of You
Tobias Relenberg - In Front Of You
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Ryan Drolet - Trippin' Wet
Canadian jazz guitarist Ryan Drolet's Trippin Wet is an excellent testimony to the fusion legacy and further proof that there is plenty of fine music being played in the north country. Drolet has produced fusion landscapes with scenic roads leading to quite disparate territories. Some of these roads are high-speed freeways. Other routes are slow-winding mountain drives. The musicians that participate with Drolet get an opportunuty to spread their wings and fly on this inventive and engaging project. The outcome is an amazing work of musical art. If you have not heard of Ryan Drolet yet, trust me, you will a lot more as time passes. This young man is masterful.

Are you jonesing for some improvisational funky fusion? Look no further than Trippin' Wet, the stunning debut from Ryan Drolet. He has monstrous chops and a cracking band to accompany him. Here's hoping that Trippin' Wet finds the audience it very much deserves. Bravo !

Ryan Drolet (guitars)
Brad Ferguson (bass)
Dan Graham (keyboards)
Tim Proznick (drums)
# Track Playtime
1. Spy Song 4:58
2. November 6:27
3. Stratosfear 5:48
4. Modus Operandi 3:07
5. Rubber Band 8:33
6. Amian 6:45
7. A Minor Jam 4:20
8. Monkeys 4:49

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